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3D Printing Brisbane: Paving the Way Towards a Sustainable Fashion Industry

Fashion is a rapidly evolving industry and is considered the second most polluting industry after oil. And with the advent of 3D printing, it is expected to change. 

For many years, fashion designers and manufacturers have been looking for sustainable ways to reduce its negative impact on the environment. 

Custom 3d printed shoes

Because of the increasing global demands, there is a forecast that the fashion industry will be worth 43 billion US dollars in 2029 from 36 billion in 2019. 

As a result, major brands have to come up with new processes to improve their business models and make their business processes sustainable without negatively impacting the environment. 

One breakthrough technology is 3D printing or also known as additive manufacturing. This innovative technology has impacted other major industries such as food and aerospace.

This new method of production has disrupted the business models of the fashion industry, from design and product development to sourcing, manufacturing, and production. 

Here is why 3D print technology is the key to more sustainable fashion industry.  

3D Printing Brisbane and the Beginning of a New Era

The three most remarkable advantages of additive manufacturing are the no-waste approach, low cost, and flexibility in design and location. 

This technology empowers fashion designers to experiment with innovative materials and structures that have never been done before.

One way 3D innovation can become a critical factor towards sustainable development is its capacity to use recyclable materials during the production stage. And by removing the need to transport the product across the globe as it can be printed on-site. 

The result is zero-waste level manufacturing which is the main requirement for the fashion industry to become sustainable.

Practical Applications and Benefits of 3D Printing in Fashion

Additive manufacturing showcases the tremendous potential for growth in the fashion industry through its various practical applications and benefits.

  • Designers can now create wearable clothing and innovate faster with limited geometrical constraints. 
  • Improves speed and efficiency in bringing new styles to market and supply chains as quickly as possible.
  • Prototyping of products becomes cheap and time-efficient.
  • 3D printing in fashion allows possibilities in terms of customization options. Fashion brands can fabricate seamless full garments and pieces based on consumers’ preferences. 
  • Makes expensive custom-designed clothing more accessible to the mass market. 
  • 3D printed garments and apparel are environmentally friendly and lead to lesser wastage.
  • As part of sustainable fashion efforts, 3D printers reuse and recycle materials to create new designs.  


In conclusion, 3D Printing Brisbane makes its presence impactful and beneficial in the apparel industry. Although this innovative technology has already established its presence, it still has a long way to go in terms of innovations and practical applications as this technology continues to grow.

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How the Working Technology Behind Waterjet Machine Can BE Used in Cleaning Construction Equipment?

Heavy equipment cleaning is a crucial part of maintaining any piece of construction equipment. If you have clean equipment, the odds are high that it will last longer than you thought it would, and pressure washing, by virtue of the technology behind the waterjet machine, can preserve your investment by swiftly removing deep-seated dirt, grime, and grease.

Cleaning large pieces of machinery is an underrated job. It’s a messy work that is commonly given to a low-paid construction labourer who sees the task as just menial, hosing down filthy or soiled machinery to eradicate the bulk of its grease and grime. There is a lot more to cleaning construction machinery and equipment quickly and efficiently than meets the eye.

Washing large pieces of machinery requires the use of specialized equipment such as waterjet machines, pressure washers, or water cannons. Sometimes, this may also entail the use of groundbreaking techniques that reduces cleaning time but improves material efficiency and productivity.

Safety is also a matter of concern. Orders, gravel trucks, and excavators are huge, intricate machines that run the risk of putting workers in harm’s way and those delegated to routinely cleaning them.

construction firms

Benefits of Effective Construction Cleaning

There are a handful of owners of construction firms who are passionate about keeping their fleets neat and squeaky clean. This is readily apparent while visiting their dedicated websites and retail locations. Intelligent heavy construction executives understand the numerous benefits of routinely washing their equipment. The following are the most critical ones:

  • Cleaning regularly is an important element of preventive maintenance. If your construction equipment is cleaned on a regular schedule, the strain on its fixed and moving elements is significantly reduced. Dirt and grime serve as abrasives and lubricants. Dirty machines wear down far more quickly than equipment that is cleaned regularly. Additionally, frequently cleaned equipment is considerably easier to clean.
  • By ensuring that your construction equipment is clean, downtime is minimized. Breakages caused due to part failure as an aftermath of its filthy condition are costly in terms of lost time and repair costs. Regular track cleaning takes away extraneous matter such as branches, leaves, or rocks. It lessens the weight supplied to buckets and booms with densely adhered dried sludge.
  • When you clean your construction equipment and machines, it allows you to look for visual indications of potential issues. Metal fatigue cracks become visible. The same is true of oxidation or rusting. When you have squeaky clean machinery, leaking fittings or worn out parts are readily identified. This allows technicians to stay ahead of potential issues before they become a full-blown problem. 
  • Cleaning construction machinery regularly reduces risks and enhances safety. Inadequately maintained equipment constitutes a danger to the operator, work staff, and everyone else who needs to be in the line of fire of the machine. Contaminant buildup in electrical systems would run the risk of causing a catastrophic blow-out or deadly voltage.
  • When mechanics work on clean equipment or machines, they are more efficient. Cleaning removes foreign matter that could be flammable, slippery, or cumbersome.
  • Washing eliminates item buildups that can lay the groundwork for accidental falls and slips or being pinched in spots that stall the transfer of kinetic energy. When surfaces are clean and safe, ergonomic accidents are significantly put at bay. 

Pressure Washing Equipment

Waterjet machine pressure washing equipment is a must-have item when it comes to cleaning construction or heavy machinery. The method of removing dirt, grease, and filth can be more effective or come close to it when you use high-pressure water.

Moreover, the force of focused water streams reaches into difficult-to-reach areas such as hinges and seams that hand brushing can not. Therefore, it puts you at a greater advantage when you opt to use this system over traditional methods of industrial cleaning. 

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What is Jamboard All About?

It’s hard to sum up Google Jamboard in a sentence or two. That’s why we thought to put together this short blog post, sharing with you the wonderful features and amazing benefits that Jamboard has to offer, so you can make your own judgement call on what Jamboard is all about. 

Here are the main features listed below. 

Google Jamboard is an interactive 55-inch digital whiteboard device. It comes with a physical board that functions as your digital whiteboard. When the Google team designed and developed this tool, what they have in mind is to use it for cross-platform collaboration. This means to say that you can use it on different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, desktop/laptop computers – for as long as you have the jamboard online app installed on it. 

online learning tool

A Powerful Online Collaboration Tool That Makes Working in a Team Easy

Jamboard is a powerful online collaboration tool that runs using cloud based software. Fit for any workplace, Jamboard offers a unique set of features that you are unable to receive from traditional whiteboards. With it’s high level of interactivity and suite full of collaboration tools, Jamboard is making it even easier for large teams to effectively work together. This benefit alone attracts users in both the corporate and education sector who use Jamboard on a daily basis to run their teams. 

To learn more about the suite of collaboration tools Jamboard has to offer click here > (link to G Suite)

Jamboard is a cloud-based kiosk. It is a powerful online collaboration tool that business organizations can take advantage of if they seriously want to enhance the conduct of their collaborative meetings and team presentations. Besides the business sector, the education sphere can also enjoy the benefits of using Jamboard as an indispensable tool for online learning

We can say that Google Jamboard is the updated digital version of the traditional whiteboard. In a traditional whiteboard experience, your collaboration with your team members is limited only to those who are present with you in the room. 

Work Together Even If You Aren’t In The Same Room

Jamboard makes it easy for teams to work together even if members aren’t in the same room or in the same part of the world. The way in which Jamboard does this is through it’s intelligent 16 touch point feature which is offered on the Jam app. This app allows up to 16 members of a team to collaborate simultaneously in-real time. With this type of connectivity, businesses who have multiple teams in various locations are no longer restricted when wanting to host effective brainstorming sessions. All that is needed for set up is an active internet connection, jamboard or tablet device and most important of all a comfy place to sit. 

Jamboard takes things a notch higher here because it allows you to interact with your team members even when they are in a different room, in another building, or some other location. Their physical presence is not necessary to participate in a Jam session, but for as long as they are using devices with the Jamboard application installed on them and are hooked up to the Internet, they can join an active session for online collaboration.  

Google initially released Jamboard in May 2017 and rivaled the Surface Hub of Microsoft. Some of the distinct Jamboard features include its 16 simultaneous touchpoints. It also comes with shape and handwriting recognition capability and, of course, it comes with a WiFi connectivity feature. As we know, WiFi connectivity is a very important functionality feature of any modern digital device. More so, when its intended use is for online collaboration. 

Equipped with a Full HD Webcam

Online collaboration using Jamboard is not as powerful and effective without the use of a full HD webcam. Collaboration with your team using this interactive digital whiteboard is not confined to those who are physically present in the room. When you learn how to utilize Google Hangouts, you expand the level expected participation to users who may be working remotely and are using the Jamboard webcam. This webcam  that Jamboard comes in not only allows visual interaction between the session host and the participants, but it is what you use for synchronous visual presentation during a web meeting. 

A Jam session owner also has the discretion to let his remote participants swap between being able to view the session’s whiteboard and see the room (or the presenter) via the webcam. At the end of a jam session, users are able to download and digitally share  completed Jam sessions in PDF format. In addition, Jamboard can also accommodate traditional presentation methods that we know. It allows users to project their own laptop screen to the board. 

Besides the things mentioned above, Jamboard is also equipped with a Full HD webcam for visual interaction between the session host and the participants, micro-USB and USB-C inputs for your file management concerns, an HDMI port for connectivity, and 2 styluses for writing and easier input of data. The Jamboard comes with a number of editing tools that help boost a user’s creative genius and facilitate a more impacting collaboration experience between users and session participants. 

You can use the provided stylus to write anything on the whiteboard-like 4K touchscreen display. Or you can also flip through your presentation slides on it with your fingertips. It depends on what you want to do, the display itself offers the flexibility of use beyond compare to existing digital whiteboards in the market.

Better Mobility and Ease of Setup

When setting your Jamboard, you can make  use of its rolling stand (optional) for greater mobility and ease of installation/setup. You can also mount it against your office wall or make it rest on its dedicated stand instead.

With the optional rolling stand, you can move your Jamboard with ease, from one corner of a room to the other. And because of that, there is no need to dismantle or disassemble anything as far as relocating or moving the physical Jamboard is concerned. 

Easy Jamboard Integration  to G-Suite

Google designers also decided to incorporate the G-Suite to Jamboard online. This allows Jamboard users to enjoy direct and seamless access to other services they might need, such as:

  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Google Photos. 

All of which are stored and easily accessible in Google Drive.

Cloud Storage for Easy Online Access Across Digital Devices

You can do a lot with your team while having an active “jam” session, from writing notes, adding images, sketching, and pulling information from the Web, and many more. 

The work you’ve accomplished for the day, including whatever changes or modifications you’ve made in between your boards, will be taken up and saved in the Google Drive cloud storage system. This way you can access your files online wherever you may be across different digital devices where Jamboard online is  app installed. As a Jamboard session owner, you can grant or deny access to a user on your files or Jamboard sessions. 

Aside from team meeting presentations, Jamboard is also ideal to use when conducting an online class as well as in giving an online presentation. If you are an educator, you will find the use of this interactive digital whiteboard very helpful in engaging your students to participate in your online class discussions

interactive learning app

It also acts as a very good medium that helps students demonstrate their creativity and thus optimize their learning capacity despite being in a virtual environment. 

 Jamboard Google as an Intuitive Collaboration Tool 

Aside from writing and drawing on this interactive digital whiteboard, another remarkable usability feature is the shape recognition tool of Jamboard.

So even when you don’t know how to draw a perfect circle, there is no need to worry about it because Jamboard is smart enough to know this. It will automatically form the circle for you soon after it recognizes you are trying to draw one. In the end, you will see that you will have a perfect round shape of a circle. 

So if you want to work out a mind map or you need to come up with an engaging flowchart either for schoolwork, job, or online presentation, the Jamboard system provides you, the user, the perfect platform and tool that lets you do all that seamlessly. 

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How to Go About the GPS Antenna Installation for Your Car?

When it comes to GPS antenna installation to cars, we have several cardinal guiding rules to keep in mind and follow. Before anything else, it is important not to touch on anything, cutting or making any kind of physical modification to the antenna or any of its components is a major no in here. 

Another thing of paramount importance is they should have constant and steady access with GPS satellites, therefore, you need to mount them in a way that minimizes the possibility for interference.  

Most of the time, the most practical and suitable area to install your GPS type of antenna is anywhere close to the top of your underside dash. It can be above or behind the receiver. Compared to how things were in the past decades what we now have are stronger satellite signals. Hence, we can safely say that they should be more than good enough for us to have strong reliable reception.

car gps antenna

In addition to that, strong signals help us in keeping the antenna hidden or out of sight. Alternatively, experts on this matter recommend that we should consider mounting our global positioning satellite antenna along the rear deck or on the dash.

Provided that its position is giving it clear, unobstructed access to the clear sky, and is not in very close proximity to A-pillars, or a two-way antenna, we should expect it to work well.

We will encourage you to mount only your antenna on your vehicle exterior part under the following conditions.

  • Your vehicle comes with a wire rear defroster.  
  • Your vehicle comes with a metallic window tint. 
  • Your vehicle accent feature is a solar reflective window. 
  • Your vehicle is equipped with a windshield-mounted radio antenna.

It is important to keep in mind also that your GPS antennas are and remain at a level all the time. Besides, you should also see to it that the antenna is strongly connected to its metal plate. In the absence of one, a metal sheet should do the job.

Normally, some kind of adhesive is used to help further secure the antenna in its place. This will necessitate you to route your antenna wire to the rear of the dashboard or floorboard, or if you can work your way through the door seal or window.

Wire connections

Video screen receivers necessitate several extra wire connections that are not at all required in non-touch screen stereos. We can take a look at some of them below.

Parking Brake Wire Connection

To ensure the highest level of safety for your vehicle, any kind of video screen you have in front of your car must be linked to the parking brake wiring. This also applies to GPS systems.

Advanced navigation options of most vehicles are usually disabled if they remain in motion. If you need to make some changes to the default settings of your unit, there is no other way you can do it but to pull over first.

Reverse Signal Wire Connection

Sometimes you can find the reverse wire under the hood or at the dash, but there is no better way for you to correctly identify it than by consulting instead your vehicle’s wiring diagram. Sometimes it is much easier when you tap it at the taillight.

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How Did the Covid-19 Pandemic Create an Impact on the Global Water Jet Machine Market?

In the last quarter of December of 2019, the Covid-19 scare was still brewing in China’s Wuhan province. When the outbreak started, it immediately spread to around 100 countries at such an alarming rate of infection, wreaking havoc, and death to affected regions. News organizations from around the world took notice of the event which has prompted the World Health Organization to declare a public health emergency.

The effects of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) is likely to leave a huge impact on a global scale. After spreading to around 100 or so countries, it certainly is going to create a ripple effect in the global economy affecting various industries without any exception.

This means that it will hurt the water jet machine sphere. This covers the industries that depend on it and the businesses whose core operations rely on it.

Experts anticipate 3 distinct ways in which the Covid-19 scare will affect the global economy. First, it will have a direct impact on production and demand. Second, it will disrupt the market and supply chain. Third, it will bring about losses on firms and will pull down financial markets, too.

We have also witnessed how this pandemic affected our lives in so many ways, from community quarantines to flight cancellations, travel bans, and closed business establishments. We even need to put restrictions on conducting indoor events and other similar social gatherings.

More than 40 countries have declared a state of emergency and the stock market suddenly became volatile. It also caused business confidence to plummet, inducing panic, and unrest to the majority of the population. Thus, what we are facing now is going to bring us an uncertain future.

A Bleak Future for the Water Jet Machine Industry?

As weeks and months go by without any sign of hope that the coronavirus pandemic will be over soon, it will continue to shape and transform our city life. In the absence of the right and effective vaccine against this virus, the majority of these unpleasant disruptions we are experiencing now are likely going to become permanent. It has overwhelmed our community hospitals and is crushing commerce.

It is also restricting our access to different kinds of spaces, shunning people to remain inside their homes.

water jet machine
Brand New Water Jet Machine

Needless to say, the priority we have right now is to save the lives of those who’ve been infected by the virus. Coming next to this, we must not leave behind the delivery of essential services and keep the law and order visible for everyone to see.

In the meantime, the waterjet industry needs to keep itself at pace with the growing demand for microsized parts and components of medical machineries and tools. They need to provide hospitals and other similar health institutions a steady supply of personal protective equipment, from face masks to laboratory gowns.

There is also a surge on the demand for respirator machines. Massive productions of which are inevitable and to fill in the void in this area, independent but accredited manufacturers need to come into the picture. The use of water jet machines here will help in the production of parts and components, without having to risk putting quality in compromise since this material cutting system is known for its precision and quality.

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CNC Plasmacam Australia Machining and Its Role on Increasing Efficiency and Scalability in Manufacturing

The modern manufacturing industry is rapidly changing these days, and at the rate, things are going in this sector there is no stopping there. One substantial factor that drives this growth is the CNC plasmacam Australia machining method.

A CNC machine or computer numeric control system makes it possible to scale your manufacturing efforts sans the worries of losing along the way important elements like accuracy and quality. The technology working behind these machines is not new. It was first introduced to the industry way back in the 1940s and 50s, but back then it was just the old school “punched tape” technology.

Over the years, this technology has gone through an array of changes and an awful lot of developments. What we now have are CNC machining systems that depend and rely on Computer-Aided Design (CAD) files. Without the use of CAD files, the creation of a prototype is not likely possible.

And since everything here is under the control of a computer system, they are automated and highly technical products, eliminating in the process manual intervention saving your company time and money.

Below are some of the different ways in which CNC technology created a significant impact on manufacturing today.

1. Faster Than Ever

Perhaps what can be considered as the biggest advantage and milestone of CNC plasmacam Australia machining is how it improved the increase of manufacturing speed. Pre-established movements and automation of manufacturing systems and processes can help save your company countless numbers of man-hours. 

The machine itself will know beforehand what to do since a computer file would be generated even before the commands are extracted. By this measure, the need for human intervention is taken out of the picture, which is good news.

2. Prototyping

Most of the time, the process of creating prototypes can be very complex and expensive at the same time. As an extremely important part of the product creation process, prototyping a product is the best way to prepare it for launching or mass production. 

What manufacturers traditionally do is to create their products in massive quantities, making it more affordable for them. But this is not a practical measure to undertake most especially when you are still trying to identify design, usability, or functional flaws.  

3. Less Waste

Traditional manufacturing processes will produce a significant amount of waste, and this can be seen with the raw materials being used. If one of the workers made a mistake or had a wrong move anytime during the manufacturing process, the materials they are working on is rendered useless and would likely get thrown away as trash. This scenario is a driver for costs to both the manufacturers and the consumers.

CNC plasmacam machining is a gamechanger here. It helps businesses get the most optimal use of their materials, eliminating the likelihood of wastage during the manufacturing process. This is one of the many aspects by which the use of machines is a better option to take because they perform much better than employed human workers.

4. One-Step Manufacturing

One-step manufacturing, this is the last thing we’ll need to look into. If you are going to take on CNC machining for your upcoming projects, you will always commence it with a CAD model. At this point, you need to have the finalized design already prior to introducing it to your CNC cutting machine.

Taken out from the equation here is the involvement of a rather complex and lengthy manufacturing process. Since CNC machining equipment is qualified as an additive process, the creation of the product will only involve a single-step process. During this build stage, interaction from the operator is not at all necessary.

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A Guide on 4G Antenna

4G antennas can operate under a MIMO environment. And this is considered one of its most significant features. MIMO stands for “Multiple Input Multiple Output” — our Internet modem makes use of this technology to deliver signals at warp speeds.  

When it comes to Next-G signals and normal 3G, the accurate description we can give with regard to their broadcast is that they are highly polarized. The wave they produce would be traveling in an “up and down” fashion.  

Compared to the LTE MIMO, the waves they produce are slanted polarized, with each wave rotating to about 45 degrees from the horizontal. Mirrored, this will render the first to be at 45 degrees while the other would be at 135 degrees.  

It is a smart trick, which they call polarisation diversity. It lets your ordinary modem distinctly identify two streams of independent data over the exact and same frequency being designated by a cell tower.  

Since our modem usually comes with two internal antennas that are primarily designed to receive one data stream, it makes it necessary to have on standby two separate antennas, external type. 

There is no way we can make use of a “Y” patch lead or any other trick for that matter just to make it a good possibility to connect both modem ports into a single antenna, nor try to connect one, single port to both external antennas.  

The modem itself is switching the MIMO on and off. The cell tower takes on the responsibility of determining whether the use of MIMO or not is viable, where transmitted and received signals are assessed in terms of their quality. This metric is referred to as CQI.

The modem is quite challenged when it needs to distinguish the two streams of data and the signal strength is slow or very poor in quality. This renders a certain threshold level to drop when the MIMO is off and the modem is operating only under one antenna.  

Why So Much Fuss Over Interference? 

The distinction that is existing between the signal strength and signal quality can’t be ignored all the time. The strength pertains to the information range where it can be interpreted correctly with respect to that particular waveform.  

The SINR or the C/I+N Ratio is of prime value here since 4G antennas negotiate its radio index bearer concerning the interpreted carrier signal strength over the noise level plus the interference strength – which means to say that the lower interference is, the higher chance of C/I+N to be. Consequently, it should pave the way for a much faster coding scheme and modulation.  

In any 4G network, the most prominent source of interference is no less than self-interference — this may come from the interference of other sectors originating from the base station, as well as from other similar base stations. 

Interference can also come from other sources including systematic(natural), gamma radiation, thermal, and hostile (unnatural), including high voltage transmission, machinery, and illegal booster, etc.  

How can a 4G antenna help here? 


By making sure the beamed transmission is focused on a particular direction, we are rendering the strength to the spike in one direction, right at the expense of all the others.  

This can be taken advantage of to alleviate unnatural interference sources, including nearby machinery that tends to generate wideband noise as well as downplaying interference by virtue of reducing the strength of the interfering base station’s direction — all done and carried out while enhancing the target base station direction strength.

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Why Is It Advantageous to Use CNC Cutting Machine?

By this time, every one of us is familiar with CNC cutting machines, how they are being practically applied in various domains and how its use can be advantageous for any business in terms of reaching its goals. 

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. It may sound technical to many of us, but you can’t afford to get intimidated just by that. If you own a business and your company requires the use of automated systems for its material cutting needs, I suggest that you consider CNC technology for this purpose. This technology makes use of pre-programmed sequences to control the actions of industrial machinery.  

You can apply CNC technology for the following industrial machines. 

  • Lathes
  • Mills
  • Routers
  • Grinders

By experience, I learned how CNC technology can be advantageous in the following areas: 

  1. Reduced development time
  2. Improved stock management
  3. Higher quality end products
  4. Cost savings
  5. Surplus productivity
  6. Increased profits

It could be that you have your workspace dotted with the use of traditional tools. Chances are high that they execute your allotted tasks on time and without any delay. But now, you want your company to level-up so it can catch up with the competition and take your material cutting needs a notch higher.  

We are giving you some of the best reasons why using CNC cutter machines is imperative for your business. 

1. No Need for You to Have Extensive Skills or Relevant Industry Experience 

With the use of traditional machinery, your staff or your duly assigned operator will need to commit a significant number of hours for training alone. After solid hours of intensive training can you count on him to have the needed level of efficiency in running and operating the machine. 

When working with CNC machines, having relevant background experience with the same can be a plus factor. But I am telling you, it is not a requirement as they are with traditional machines. 

In my own experience, my company’s output and production process became seamless after implementing the use of CNC technology. Why? It is because I saw how it ruled out the likelihood of human error to occur in between processes.  

Hence, I can say that just like my own business benefited from this technology, you can also make it happen to your own company. 

best CNC cutter

2. Replicate Your Products

Traditional machining can work a great deal for your company if you need to produce a single custom piece. Should there come there is a high demand for that item, and you can anticipate that you may need to recreate it repeatedly, the use of a CNC machine would make more sense here.  

My own experience with this material cutting method made me realize that you as a business owner can have the power of making that very same cut many times over, without ever compromising good quality.  

3. CNC Machines Require Less Amount of Work

If your business has been accustomed to the use of traditional machinery, you’d understand how you need to invest in having an expert around so you can have some peace of mind knowing that someone will look after it and maintain it. Factor in also the regular costs that comes with its routine maintenance or repairs. They are necessary so your machinery will remain in tiptop shape. Add them all up and you will see why the labor costs for the use of traditional machinery could be heavy on the budget for your company.  


With everything shifting towards going digital and everyone around seems wanting to become tech-savvy to adapt themselves to these fast-paced changes, we can easily qualify CNC cutting machines as the digital era’s machinery of choice to have computer systems control your machine tools.  They are far easier to use compared to traditional industrial machines. Learning how to use CNC technology usually comes with a short learning curve. Thus, implementing their application to your business operations can take place sooner than you have anticipated.

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The Future of Water Jet According to WaterJet Machine Manufacturers

Waterjet machine manufacturers believe that water jet technology is one of the leading and most preferred material cutting methods nowadays. Being the go-to choice of many businesses and industries for most of their material cutting requirements, its popular use is bound to grow even more in the coming years.

The level of success that it has reached so far did not happen by chance or just by standing still. Improvement and innovation are always involved when there is dynamic growth in technology. In the case of waterjet, improvement is working at its core and this brings us to want to know more of what is next for it.


If you know water jet cutting as a fast way to cut your materials, things about it are bound to become even better. The latest advances in this technology have rendered it to deliver higher water pressure forcing it through the machine’s cutting head. Some are so strong that when it is measured out would even reach 87,000 psi. This water delivered is comparable to the sound of speed, but 4 times faster. 

PSI measures are bound to increase even further. In 10 to 20 years, who can really know the level of speed we will be dealing with. There is a big possibility that the speed gains we will have in the future are not going to be in water pressure, but instead, it will be in design and software grades.  


Right this very moment, waterjet machine applications are leading the way. It can handle cutting depths that are 10 times the limit of what laser machines can cut. By virtue of increased water pressure, we can anticipate as early as today that we’d be able to cut metal that is half a meter’s depth. 

Handling Complex Parts

We consider this as the most dramatic jump in many years, the ability of this cutting-edge technology to cut materials that is beyond the usual 2-dimensional cut.  

XD cutting option is now available with waterjet machine. This is simply ahead capable of turning around and moving on multiple axes. This also signifies that you can now handle 3 dimensional part and cut it in just one take, as opposed to needing instead time-consuming and costly secondary cuts.  

waterjet machine manufacturer
Waterjet Cutting Machine

Formula One teams and Boeing typically make use of XD cutting and a number of other industries that require accurate cutting for the complex machine parts they need. 

This space, as can be gleaned from here, is bound to grow even further. The ability to cut complex parts with greater depths at an even faster pace without compromising accuracy and quality.  

Increased awareness about this technology can be expected to happen as business entities realize that this state of the art method of cutting materials saves them time and money, affording them in the process the highest level of accuracy for their required parts.  

When people look back in the 21st century, they will likely remember it as the most exciting time in the history of the waterjet industry. What we are seeing as ultra-modern material cutting technology nowadays is going to become obsolete and underpowered in the next few decades or so.