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How to Go About the GPS Antenna Installation for Your Car?

When it comes to GPS antenna installation to cars, we have several cardinal guiding rules to keep in mind and follow. Before anything else, it is important not to touch on anything, cutting or making any kind of physical modification to the antenna or any of its components is a major no in here. 

Another thing of paramount importance is they should have constant and steady access with GPS satellites, therefore, you need to mount them in a way that minimizes the possibility for interference.  

Most of the time, the most practical and suitable area to install your GPS type of antenna is anywhere close to the top of your underside dash. It can be above or behind the receiver. Compared to how things were in the past decades what we now have are stronger satellite signals. Hence, we can safely say that they should be more than good enough for us to have strong reliable reception.

car gps antenna

In addition to that, strong signals help us in keeping the antenna hidden or out of sight. Alternatively, experts on this matter recommend that we should consider mounting our global positioning satellite antenna along the rear deck or on the dash.

Provided that its position is giving it clear, unobstructed access to the clear sky, and is not in very close proximity to A-pillars, or a two-way antenna, we should expect it to work well.

We will encourage you to mount only your antenna on your vehicle exterior part under the following conditions.

  • Your vehicle comes with a wire rear defroster.  
  • Your vehicle comes with a metallic window tint. 
  • Your vehicle accent feature is a solar reflective window. 
  • Your vehicle is equipped with a windshield-mounted radio antenna.

It is important to keep in mind also that your GPS antennas are and remain at a level all the time. Besides, you should also see to it that the antenna is strongly connected to its metal plate. In the absence of one, a metal sheet should do the job.

Normally, some kind of adhesive is used to help further secure the antenna in its place. This will necessitate you to route your antenna wire to the rear of the dashboard or floorboard, or if you can work your way through the door seal or window.

Wire connections

Video screen receivers necessitate several extra wire connections that are not at all required in non-touch screen stereos. We can take a look at some of them below.

Parking Brake Wire Connection

To ensure the highest level of safety for your vehicle, any kind of video screen you have in front of your car must be linked to the parking brake wiring. This also applies to GPS systems.

Advanced navigation options of most vehicles are usually disabled if they remain in motion. If you need to make some changes to the default settings of your unit, there is no other way you can do it but to pull over first.

Reverse Signal Wire Connection

Sometimes you can find the reverse wire under the hood or at the dash, but there is no better way for you to correctly identify it than by consulting instead your vehicle’s wiring diagram. Sometimes it is much easier when you tap it at the taillight.