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What Benefits Can We Have If We Will Infuse Copper to Bed Sticks & Rails?

Many of us are probably aware that copper is the material of choice for making mugs for Moscow mules. It is also serving us well with that one-cent coin we have. But there is so much to what copper can deliver.  

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Science found out that copper is the 3rd most predominant trace mineral in the human body. It is a vital mineral to have to keep the human body functioning well. And yet, we tend to overlook the handful of health-promoting benefits that it brings to us.

For instance, scientific researches being done at the moment are showing good signs that copper can help prevent the outset of hypertension. It also has a significant role in the creation of unique neural pathways. Copper is also important in regulating the production of melanin.  

While there are many different ways that a human body can obtain its copper requirements, usually from different kinds of foods and supplements also, there are still many ways that we can incorporate this important element into our lifestyle. 

By now you should have guessed it – copper-infused bed sticks & rails

Now, we have this million-dollar question here. 

Why Infuse your Bed Sticks & Rails with Copper? What’s in it for you?

Bed rails and sticks that make use of copper as its base material is likely going to have an impact on your body the same way that your copper supplement would. Remember you are not going to ingest them. But some leading manufacturers are using them for 2 major reasons.  

  1. Copper is a qualified heat conductor
  2. Copper comes with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.  

In addition to this, there are also a handful of bed rails and bed sticks manufacturers that suggest that copper may have anti osteoarthritis, collagen-building, and anti-inflammatory properties, too. Although there is no solid evidence yet showing that sleeping on a bed with copper-infused sticks and rails would be delivering the same positive impact in these areas.

 But for now, we can focus first on the antimicrobial and thermal benefits of using copper-infused bed rails and bed sticks.  

Thermal Conductivity and Copper

Copper is known to have high thermal conductivity, but this does not translate to the perception that it retains heat. Rather, it passes heat via the metal pretty quickly. This measure causes the heat to gradually dissipate away from the source.  

If the textile fibers of your bed mattress are weaved with copper filaments, it will significantly create a world of difference in your temperature while asleep. If your bed foam is also infused with copper, then it is closest to your body while you’re asleep. With this in mind, it tends to absorb your body heat and will whisk it away in the process. Thus, you are more comfortable because you are cooler in your sleep all night long. 

Antibacterial Properties of Copper

Bed frames, sticks, and rails can easily become a breeding ground for a lot of bacteria, fungi, dust mites, and a host of other equally gross stuff. Unpleasant yet, but it happens.

We have many proven measures that can ward off allergens, bacteria, and other microbes. But it would be a lot better if your bed frame, sticks, and rails will be automatically doing that job for you warding off unwanted microbes. 

Well, this is another advantage of using copper-infused bed frames or bed sticks & rails. Copper naturally comes with inherent antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. If you will bond copper fiber materials with bed mattress textiles and foams, these copper ions will impede the development of these microorganisms. 

Now that we are amid the COVID-19 pandemic, bed frame companies including those that produce sticks and rails for it, can consider incorporating copper into their product offerings. 

Since it naturally has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, it will add an extra layer of protection against the coronavirus. Any chemist or doctor would attest to you that copper indeed has an array of benefits that promote better health. 

The infusion of copper to modern bed designs and systems is the latest addition to the long list of benefits we can derive from copper and copper-infused items.