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What is Jamboard All About?

It’s hard to sum up Google Jamboard in a sentence or two. That’s why we thought to put together this short blog post, sharing with you the wonderful features and amazing benefits that Jamboard has to offer, so you can make your own judgement call on what Jamboard is all about. 

Here are the main features listed below. 

Google Jamboard is an interactive 55-inch digital whiteboard device. It comes with a physical board that functions as your digital whiteboard. When the Google team designed and developed this tool, what they have in mind is to use it for cross-platform collaboration. This means to say that you can use it on different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, desktop/laptop computers – for as long as you have the jamboard online app installed on it. 

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A Powerful Online Collaboration Tool That Makes Working in a Team Easy

Jamboard is a powerful online collaboration tool that runs using cloud based software. Fit for any workplace, Jamboard offers a unique set of features that you are unable to receive from traditional whiteboards. With it’s high level of interactivity and suite full of collaboration tools, Jamboard is making it even easier for large teams to effectively work together. This benefit alone attracts users in both the corporate and education sector who use Jamboard on a daily basis to run their teams. 

To learn more about the suite of collaboration tools Jamboard has to offer click here > (link to G Suite)

Jamboard is a cloud-based kiosk. It is a powerful online collaboration tool that business organizations can take advantage of if they seriously want to enhance the conduct of their collaborative meetings and team presentations. Besides the business sector, the education sphere can also enjoy the benefits of using Jamboard as an indispensable tool for online learning

We can say that Google Jamboard is the updated digital version of the traditional whiteboard. In a traditional whiteboard experience, your collaboration with your team members is limited only to those who are present with you in the room. 

Work Together Even If You Aren’t In The Same Room

Jamboard makes it easy for teams to work together even if members aren’t in the same room or in the same part of the world. The way in which Jamboard does this is through it’s intelligent 16 touch point feature which is offered on the Jam app. This app allows up to 16 members of a team to collaborate simultaneously in-real time. With this type of connectivity, businesses who have multiple teams in various locations are no longer restricted when wanting to host effective brainstorming sessions. All that is needed for set up is an active internet connection, jamboard or tablet device and most important of all a comfy place to sit. 

Jamboard takes things a notch higher here because it allows you to interact with your team members even when they are in a different room, in another building, or some other location. Their physical presence is not necessary to participate in a Jam session, but for as long as they are using devices with the Jamboard application installed on them and are hooked up to the Internet, they can join an active session for online collaboration.  

Google initially released Jamboard in May 2017 and rivaled the Surface Hub of Microsoft. Some of the distinct Jamboard features include its 16 simultaneous touchpoints. It also comes with shape and handwriting recognition capability and, of course, it comes with a WiFi connectivity feature. As we know, WiFi connectivity is a very important functionality feature of any modern digital device. More so, when its intended use is for online collaboration. 

Equipped with a Full HD Webcam

Online collaboration using Jamboard is not as powerful and effective without the use of a full HD webcam. Collaboration with your team using this interactive digital whiteboard is not confined to those who are physically present in the room. When you learn how to utilize Google Hangouts, you expand the level expected participation to users who may be working remotely and are using the Jamboard webcam. This webcam  that Jamboard comes in not only allows visual interaction between the session host and the participants, but it is what you use for synchronous visual presentation during a web meeting. 

A Jam session owner also has the discretion to let his remote participants swap between being able to view the session’s whiteboard and see the room (or the presenter) via the webcam. At the end of a jam session, users are able to download and digitally share  completed Jam sessions in PDF format. In addition, Jamboard can also accommodate traditional presentation methods that we know. It allows users to project their own laptop screen to the board. 

Besides the things mentioned above, Jamboard is also equipped with a Full HD webcam for visual interaction between the session host and the participants, micro-USB and USB-C inputs for your file management concerns, an HDMI port for connectivity, and 2 styluses for writing and easier input of data. The Jamboard comes with a number of editing tools that help boost a user’s creative genius and facilitate a more impacting collaboration experience between users and session participants. 

You can use the provided stylus to write anything on the whiteboard-like 4K touchscreen display. Or you can also flip through your presentation slides on it with your fingertips. It depends on what you want to do, the display itself offers the flexibility of use beyond compare to existing digital whiteboards in the market.

Better Mobility and Ease of Setup

When setting your Jamboard, you can make  use of its rolling stand (optional) for greater mobility and ease of installation/setup. You can also mount it against your office wall or make it rest on its dedicated stand instead.

With the optional rolling stand, you can move your Jamboard with ease, from one corner of a room to the other. And because of that, there is no need to dismantle or disassemble anything as far as relocating or moving the physical Jamboard is concerned. 

Easy Jamboard Integration  to G-Suite

Google designers also decided to incorporate the G-Suite to Jamboard online. This allows Jamboard users to enjoy direct and seamless access to other services they might need, such as:

  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Google Photos. 

All of which are stored and easily accessible in Google Drive.

Cloud Storage for Easy Online Access Across Digital Devices

You can do a lot with your team while having an active “jam” session, from writing notes, adding images, sketching, and pulling information from the Web, and many more. 

The work you’ve accomplished for the day, including whatever changes or modifications you’ve made in between your boards, will be taken up and saved in the Google Drive cloud storage system. This way you can access your files online wherever you may be across different digital devices where Jamboard online is  app installed. As a Jamboard session owner, you can grant or deny access to a user on your files or Jamboard sessions. 

Aside from team meeting presentations, Jamboard is also ideal to use when conducting an online class as well as in giving an online presentation. If you are an educator, you will find the use of this interactive digital whiteboard very helpful in engaging your students to participate in your online class discussions

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It also acts as a very good medium that helps students demonstrate their creativity and thus optimize their learning capacity despite being in a virtual environment. 

 Jamboard Google as an Intuitive Collaboration Tool 

Aside from writing and drawing on this interactive digital whiteboard, another remarkable usability feature is the shape recognition tool of Jamboard.

So even when you don’t know how to draw a perfect circle, there is no need to worry about it because Jamboard is smart enough to know this. It will automatically form the circle for you soon after it recognizes you are trying to draw one. In the end, you will see that you will have a perfect round shape of a circle. 

So if you want to work out a mind map or you need to come up with an engaging flowchart either for schoolwork, job, or online presentation, the Jamboard system provides you, the user, the perfect platform and tool that lets you do all that seamlessly.